We’ve made some changes

On 1st May 2019 the Call.Group web conferencing service closed down.

To date, Call.Group has been operated and supported by the WHYPAY? team, but the platform has been provided by a third party based in North America.

Because of the huge increase in WHYPAY? telephone conferencing over the last twelve months, we have decided to bring the web conferencing service in-house. Over the coming months, we will be introducing a wide range of audio, video and screen sharing features to the WHYPAY? service, developed by our highly talented and experienced team of engineers and developers.

Next steps

Free conference calls

Sign up to theĀ WHYPAY? service now for genuinely free conference calls and you’ll be notified as soon as web conferencing features become available.

Previous Call.Group users

If you were a Call.Group user on a paid subscription, please check your email inbox for further instructions. If you were a Call.Group Free Forever user, conference services and customer support are still available.

Conference Calls and Web Conferencing
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Conference Calls and Web Conferencing
Truly useable, feature rich conference calls on your own custom branded interface. Call.Group is loaded with invaluable features. From screen sharing to HD video recording, automatic transcripts to YouTube streaming, we have you covered. It's conferencing, revamped.
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