How to Replicate a Traditional Work’s Christmas Party Virtually

If you’re thinking of moving your traditional work’s Christmas party online, there are a few things you’ll need to consider in order to replicate it. From finding a place to host the party to fun activities and games, here are some of our top tips and favourite virtual Christmas party ideas. Above all, you won’t want to be interrupted by your time running out, or have to make everyone re-join the call every forty minutes. Make sure you find a conferencing service like Call.Group, which offers unlimited video calling.

Set a date

Just like you would with any Christmas party, you’ll need to set a date that everyone can make. Virtual Christmas parties are much more flexible, so you might even find you have a full house this year!

Find a (virtual) venue

Once you’ve set a date, you’ll need a place to get everyone together virtually. Instead of booking out a local restaurant or bar like you usually would, why not host a video call?

Throughout December this year, we’re offering our video conferencing service for free, so you can attend your work’s Christmas party, your Friendsmas gathering or even Christmas day with relatives for even less during these difficult times. Our video conferencing feature can integrate web, mobile and even telephone participants seamlessly into one big conversation. 

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Organise activities your team will love

Now that you’ve found your (virtual) venue, the biggest challenge when hosting your Christmas party online will be getting everyone involved. To do so, you’ll need some great activities that you know your employees will get stuck into. Here are some of our festive favourites:

Secret Santa 

If you’d normally put together a Secret Santa for your employees, this year doesn’t have to be any different. Websites like draw names will help you virtually, well, draw names. You can also create a wishlist, add delivery addresses and search for gift inspiration! With the hard work taken care of for you, you’ll simply have to assign a suitable budget for everyone.

Host a festive quiz

Virtual quizzes were all the rage earlier this year and they’re making a comeback for Christmas 2020. You could either enlist someone to host the quiz for you so that everyone can get involved, or look for virtual festive quizzes available online.

Organise a Christmas Cookalong 

If you see yourself as a bit of a foodie, why not organise a cookalong that everyone can get involved with? This is a great activity for smaller teams. You’ll just need to prepare your favourite recipe, ensure everyone has the right ingredients, and host the cookalong virtually. If you’re not much of a cook, you could even follow a popular TV or Youtube cookalong event – or hire a chef to help you out.

Book a virtual wine tasting session

Does your work’s Christmas party usually involve a trip to your local pub or bar? If so, your employees might love a virtual wine tasting session this year. There are plenty of experts offering wine tasting online and they’ll send the goods directly to your employees’ addresses. Don’t forget to provide some snacks, too!

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