Health sector start ups: new tech that’s changing the health game

Technology is undoubtedly changing our world, and the way a lot of people are working and living (and balancing the two), and – with things like international conference calling – who they can work with. And one area in which technology is having a huge and rapid impact is medicine. People in the industry have shown creativity and innovation, resulting in a whole host of health sector start ups changing healthcare as we know it.

We’ve seen how telecommunications have helped in providing healthcare, making medical attention more accessible all over the world. Using conference call bridges like Call.Group are also a good way of protecting users’ privacy. After all, conferences are accessed using a third-party’s phone number (Call.Group’s!), so neither the doctor nor patient would have to share their contact information. Organisations are also capitalising on the ability to provide mobile medical advice specifically for mental health provision, helping people who might feel unable to attend face-to-face therapy. But what other technology is being developed and implemented in the quest to cure and alleviate illness?

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Gabi JamesHealth sector start ups: new tech that’s changing the health game

The best conference call services for UK businesses

If you’re looking to implement a conference calling service for your business it can be a little overwhelming trying to work out the best option. There are lots of providers, all claiming to do similar things. Each will allow you to collaborate with colleagues and clients from from any location, so does it really matter which one you choose?

Well, with any conference calling platform, most businesses have the same basic requirements

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Elliot GreenThe best conference call services for UK businesses

What your favourite conference call feature says about you

Maybe we’ve just spent a little too much of our spare time scrolling through social media (it’s been too hot for activities!), but here at Call Collective, we’re getting seriously on board with the idea that seemingly trivial details can reveal deep truths about us. Whilst we won’t go as far as basing anything on astrology, or on which ingredients you’d use to build a smoothie bowl, we do think your favourite teleconferencing tool can actually be a great indicator of how we’re best suited to learning and working. In the wake of that personality quiz scandal, the one which just keeps getting worse, we’ll steer well clear of presenting this as anything which requires you to input selections or personal details. Just scroll down to see what your chosen feature, all of which are provided on our Call.Group service, says about you!

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Gabi JamesWhat your favourite conference call feature says about you