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Is teleconferencing the key to accessible education?

Generally, phones and education aren’t too closely paired in our minds. In fact, there are even debates raging about whether mobiles should be altogether banned from schools, as some teachers feel they introduce too much distraction and even potential conflict into the classroom.

But phones actually hold a huge amount of educative potential. When used wisely, they can facilitate learning in countless ways. You only need to have a brief scroll through the Education section of wherever you get mobile apps or podcasts, and it’s pretty evident that we spend most of our days holding amazing educational tools.

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Gabi JamesIs teleconferencing the key to accessible education?

What your favourite conference call feature says about you

Maybe we’ve just spent a little too much of our spare time scrolling through social media (it’s been too hot for activities!), but here at Call Collective, we’re getting seriously on board with the idea that seemingly trivial details can reveal deep truths about us. Whilst we won’t go as far as basing anything on astrology, or on which ingredients you’d use to build a smoothie bowl, we do think your favourite teleconferencing tool can actually be a great indicator of how we’re best suited to learning and working. In the wake of that personality quiz scandal, the one which just keeps getting worse, we’ll steer well clear of presenting this as anything which requires you to input selections or personal details. Just scroll down to see what your chosen feature, all of which are provided on our Call.Group service, says about you!

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Gabi JamesWhat your favourite conference call feature says about you

Web conferencing and e-learning: Teach more, travel less

Long gone are the days back in school when your teacher would spend 25 minutes trying to figure out how to switch on an overhead projector. At a time where technology is moving at an incredible pace, it is essential that the realm of teaching keeps up. There are countless online tutoring sites and e-learning programs to choose from online, but perhaps the solution lies in web conferencing. Here at Call.Group we believe that the web conferencing features we offer are the ideal tools necessary to deliver an incredible e-learning experience.

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Carmen JamesWeb conferencing and e-learning: Teach more, travel less

How to ace your next conference call

Conference calls can be a wonderful tool for business and personal use, helping people make best use of their time, reducing carbon footprints and saving money on unnecessary travel. However, as telephone and web conferencing take centre stage, so do the frustrations of having to deal with poor audio or video quality on a call. To ensure your calls are crystal-clear, we have put together a quick guide on how to ace your next conference call.

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Carmen JamesHow to ace your next conference call