Don’t want to share your phone number? Call.Group is a great way to protect your privacy

There are lots of scenarios in which either the caller or the person being called, or both, might not want to give out their contact number. These are by no means just illicit or deceptive – there are lots of legitimate situations where privacy is really important. Using a telecommunications service which provides you with a dial-in number for all parties to use, rather than any using their own, means you can guard your phone lines.

Don’t let your phone number be a channel for revenge

There are a lot of professions where this could prove particularly helpful. For example, people working in Human Resources and Recruitment have found conference calling to be a really powerful tool, particularly with the added security provided by call recording. But another reason why it’s so great is because these people might not want all the candidates they interview to be able to get back in touch with them directly. After all, disgruntled ex-employees can pose a substantial threat to a company, particularly if they have access to certain types of information. In fact, they can even be dangerous on a personal level, sometimes returning to seek revenge: one infamous case saw an ex-Chipotle worker physically attack a manager.

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Gabi JamesDon’t want to share your phone number? Call.Group is a great way to protect your privacy

Start up business tips: how to grow whilst keeping costs down

Starting a business is an incredibly exciting, rewarding and remarkable thing to do. But anyone who’s ever set up a business or been involved in a start-up’s early life will know that it’s an endeavour which also comes with its own challenges. In fact, even if you’ve only seen somebody close to you taking part in a start up business, you’ll probably have witnessed some high levels of stress.

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Gabi JamesStart up business tips: how to grow whilst keeping costs down

Conference calls for legal firms: what to look for

Across a plethora of industries, we are all united by one commonly held belief: conference calls are an immensely valuable tool. But there are fields which have to operate with a certain degree of caution when it comes to telecommunication. If you’re dealing with highly sensitive, confidential information which can have the power to completely alter a case – indeed, a life – then you can’t play fast and loose with how you communicate. This, of course, applies to legal firms. Lucky with Call.Group, you can have full confidence in your conference calls’ confidentiality; we take security very seriously, and have measures in place to ensure the privacy of every call.

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Gabi JamesConference calls for legal firms: what to look for

Save money and save the world

ICYMI, the age of the cut-throat business is over, and the best way to do well is now to do good. Of course, our main motivation between our philanthropic endeavours is that we want to do our bit to help our planet and our communities – but if it can plump out our profit margins a little bit, that’s a bonus nobody’s going to turn down.

One of the key ways that good deeds can boost your business is by thoughtfully portioning out a decent Corporate Social Responsibility budget, but there are lots of other little swaps and changes which you can make to trim your expenses and simultaneously lessen the negative impact you might be having upon the planet.

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Gabi JamesSave money and save the world

£7.6 million – back in your pockets

One of the things we do regularly at Call Collective is calculate how much money we save callers with WHYPAY? – our free conference calling service.

Each month we work out how many minutes our WHYPAY? users spend on conference calls, and combine this figure with the per minute costs from a number our competitors who charge a per minute rate. This gives us a good indication of the amount of money our callers are saving by using WHYPAY? (assuming they’ve used their bundled minutes to call our 03 number).

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Elliot Green£7.6 million – back in your pockets

Bundled minutes – what exactly are they?

Telephone networks, TV adverts and other sources often talk about ‘bundled minutes’, ‘contracted minutes’ or ‘inclusive minutes’ when referring to telephone calls.

In the world of telecoms, there’s a pretty high level of confusion among consumers about minutes allowances and call charges in general. Over the years, Ofcom has introduced regulations to give more clarity to members of the public about what they’ll pay when they make a particular phone call. However, many are still left confused about whether a call is included in their ‘bundled minutes’ and what exactly their minutes can be used for.

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Elliot GreenBundled minutes – what exactly are they?

Do free UK conference calls exist?

Today there are a large number of conference calling services on offer, and many of them claim to be “FREE”. Just type the words “free UK conference calls” into a search engine and you will see this for yourself. But as we know well, most “FREE” services are a little too good to be true, and it’s rare to find a genuinely free service that doesn’t have any drawbacks or withhold some of its features.

Truly free teleconferencing?

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Elliot GreenDo free UK conference calls exist?