Collaborate from any location, with increased conference capacity, audio recording and 3 international dial-in numbers.

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Great conference calls don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Start with our free trial today and then choose the connect plan when it’s time to upgrade.

The Connect plan offers excellent value for money at just £7.50 / host / month(+ VAT). Connect customers get our most used features including audio conference recording and local dial-in numbers for Ireland, Germany and Switzerland with the Connect number package.

What’s included?


Telephone Participants


Online Participants

UK 03 Number

No more high call charges. Dial in using our 03 number and your conference will be included in your landline/mobile contract minutes.

Moderator Controls

As the moderator, you can easily oversee and control your conference calls, adjusting the settings to your liking.

Controlled Muting

Conversation mode, Q&A mode, and presentation mode let you dynamically control your participants’ audio.

Calendar Integration

Participants can add your call to their Outlook, Google, Yahoo and Mac calendars.

Live Chat

Send instant text messages to the conference room to communicate more efficiently.

Document Presentation

Upload Word docs and PDFs during the call and present them page-by-page to participants.

File Sharing

Share almost any type of file to your conference room for your participants to access directly within the call.

Screen Sharing

Some things need to be seen as well as heard. With screen sharing you can share a live-feed of your computer screen with your conference participants.

Audio Recording

Listen back to an audio recording of your entire conference and access it whenever you need to. Never miss a detail again.

HD Video

Bring your conference calls to life with high definition video. Anyone with a built in or external web cam can show their video during a call.

Smart Search

Search for a word or phrase spoken during a conference call to find the call summary and download recordings/transcripts.

Import Contacts

Upload Google contacts, a CSV contact list, or a vCard and Call.Group will compile your address book without hassle.

PIN-less Entry & SMS

Account holders can enter their phone number to gain instant entry to conference rooms and receive SMS conference reminders.


Easily schedule your meetings ahead of time. Set recurring calls on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to suit your agenda.

Connect Number Package

The Connect number package provides local telephone dial-in numbers for Ireland, Germany and Switzerland.

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