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Divided we fail, united we leap: how collaboration is the most powerful business tool around

It may be true that a good workman never blames his or her tools, but finding really great tools that fit your needs can exponentially enhance your business’s success. Most of us spend a good chunk of time on the hunt for useful business tools, and particularly the most helpful free business tools around.

But what if the most useful business tool of all was a little more abstract than a brilliant app or a free conference call? At the risk of sounding too spiritual and idealistic, what if real power lay in how we interact with others. More and more, it seems like collaboration is the best tool available to us.

Teamwork makes the dream work

If the World Cup has taught even the most novice of viewers anything so far, it’s the importance of good teamwork, and of recognising others’ strengths. Taking a leaf from these footballer players’ books could be the best way to propel your business to the top of its table.

It’s an age-old truism for a reason: two heads really are better than one. Forging an open, supportive and balanced relationship means that you can get access to whole new realms of expertise, experience and creativity. This is how dreams come true.

Which industries is a collaborative approach right for?

We believe there are very few areas, if any, in which a little collaboration can’t go a long way. And the fact that you can find really successful examples across the board helps to support this belief.

There are so many fantastic ones that there is even an awards ceremony dedicated entirely to acknowledging some of the very best amongst them.

And collaboration is happening on a truly global scale and with millions of dollars in funding. Just take a look at the food and science sectors and the way in which Singapore and New Zealand have banded together to tackle the difficulties that are arising. As we face challenges like the dwindling bee population, working together and applying scientific investigation and knowledge to all kinds of different areas is becoming increasingly vital.

How to become a more collaborative comapny

Much like charity, collaboration begins at home. Before striking up a relationship with another enterprise, be it from your own field or from an industry far, far away, you might want to take a look at how your own business is running.

In general, taking a collaborative approach to leadership is a recipe for success. You chose your staff for a reason – capitalise on their knowledge and ability. They probably have loads of great ideas, as well as insights into areas of your company which you might not see much of on a day-to-day basis.

Not only do you get access to new banks of knowledge and different ways of thinking, but you also get a workforce which feels much more motivated, appreciated and invested. It makes everybody feel like they are a vital part of the mission.

And this boost to your staff brings its own perks. High morale and a stronger connection to the company’s vision is almost guaranteed to translate to a strong and positive work ethic and produce a happier and more productive workforce. In fact, it seems collaboration is even the key to coming up with better ideas and products.

Tools for business collaboration success

In our extremely busy and fast-paced world, you might think that keeping in constant contact with companies which might be based in other cities, or even continents, would be really tricky. With business communication becoming increasingly futuristic, you might think that the best way to go about it would be to invest in augmented and virtual reality, eating into your finances, time and office space.

This really isn’t necessary, though. Don’t forget or underestimate the power of the conference call. While email and live chat might feel quicker or allow you to multi-task, these indirect forms of communication are likely often much slower. Because the conversation is much more one-way, and lacking in all-important vocal cues, it can be much less clear and ultimately require extra time for further explanation – or worse still, a lot of extra time to be spent rectifying mistakes resultant of miscommunications.

And at Call.Group, we take call conferencing far beyond the humble telephone call. We have a whole host of features to improve your company’s communication, both within your team and with other organisations you might choose to work alongside.

Screen sharing, document presentation and file sharing make it easy to collaborate on projects and give presentations, while video recording, audio recording and audio transcription mean you won’t forget tasks which have been assigned or information which has been shared, and also improve security. Along with the smart-search function, we think this makes a Call.Group conference even more beneficial than a face-to-face meeting.

Live streaming, live chat and controlled muting are some of the tools which can allow you to collaborate on a larger scale without sacrificing clarity of communication. And with scheduling and calendar integration, even the most forgetful amongst your participants will show up!

If you’re looking beyond your teleconferencing options, there are loads of other brilliant communication and collaboration tools available, and even the spaces we use to work in are being revolutionised along with the way we work.

Once you’re ready to take the leap and join forces with another organisation, or even if you just want to make your own business more collaborative and flexible in its approach, head to Call.Group and pick out the plan that works for you. It really has the power to change your whole business and perk up your staff exponentially.

Just remember to think outside the box. Sometimes, the wackiest of partnerships are the most successful. Give some thought to the areas that you could improve or alter, and how to access the wisdom that could help you do this in the best and most innovative way. Communication, as ever, is key.

Gabi JamesDivided we fail, united we leap: how collaboration is the most powerful business tool around
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