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Save valuable time by uploading your complete contact list to your conferencing site.

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Build your address book

Instead of manually entering lots of email addresses to send conference invitations, you can upload your entire contact list to your conferencing site ready for when you need to schedule a call. You’ll have your complete contact list at your disposal.

  • If you’re using Google as your email provider you can perform an instant one-click import of all of your Google contacts. It really is that easy.
  • Alternatively, upload a CSV file containing the names and email addresses of each of your contacts and they’ll be added straight to your address book.
  • You can also upload a vCard file (Virtual Contact File) which can be exported from applications such as iCloud or Outlook.


Effortless conference scheduling

With your address book set up you can send conference invitations much more easily. Simply search for the names of the people you want to invite and click to add them to the list of invitees.

  • You can add, remove and update individual contacts in your address book whenever you need to.
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