Screen Sharing

Some things just need to be seen.

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HD Video

Transform your conference calls

There’s a quiet revolution happening in the way we make conference calls. People aren’t just describing things anymore, they’re showing them.

Call.Group screen sharing lets you show your participants a live feed of what’s on your screen. You have the option to share your entire screen or a single application window, depending on which is more appropriate. What’s more, your participants themselves can share their screens to the conference call for everyone else to see.

Which Plan?

Why share your screen?

  • Show your participants anything on your computer, talking them through as you go along.
  • Solve problems by demonstrating an issue on screen, rather than trying to describe what’s gone wrong. Perfect for providing support to customers or internal staff.
  • In a single web conference, you can share different pieces of content, in multiple formats and on multiple applications.
  • Drastically improve your ability to collaborate and communicate effectively.


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