UK 03 Dial-in Number

Included in your standard landline/mobile contract minutes.

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Don’t pay extra for joining by phone

Every Call.Group conference call can be accessed via telephone using our phone-bill-friendly 03 dial-in number.

0333 113 0050

03 numbers are (under Ofcom regulations) included in any bundled minutes provided with your UK phone contract. Whether you get 300 minutes per month, or unlimited minutes at weekends, your call to our 03 conferencing number will be included. If you’ve already used all your minutes – or if they’re not provided in your contract – your call will simply be charged at your standard contract rate.

03 numbers are just like standard UK 01 and 02 numbers, and they’re charged in exactly the same way.

Still confused?

Read our full explanation on bundled minutes and 03 numbers:

Bundled minutes – what exactly are they?


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