Keeping your data safe and secure.

Your video conference security is paramount

Let us do the safeguarding

With PIN protection on all our Rooms, hop-by-hop encryption and secure UK datacentres, your online meetings are held in a safe environment.
Secure datacentres

No doors left open

Our systems are housed in UK datacentres with ISO and PCI DSS security frameworks. All access is restricted.

Encrypted video

Call.Group uses hop-by-hop encryption to protect your video conference. Hop-by-hop encryption means that each stage of your video call is encrypted separately.

A video call from a participant to our servers carries encryption.

Our servers then decrypt the video call and re-encrypt it before forwarding it to the other video participants.

In the very unlikely event that an interception is attempted by an unauthorised party to any part of the video call, the encryption used will only result in the un-authorised party finding un-decipherable information.

No unwanted guests

Every call or presentation you host is accessed by secure PINs.

Host required

As a Host, your PIN is unique. The call will only start when you join.

Ousting rights reserved!

You retain ultimate control and can remove specific Guests if required.


Secure video conferencing for

Discuss private and confidential information in confidence. Whatever your industry, Call.Group puts the measures in place to protect your communications.

Ready to secure your calls?

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