Video and web conferencing

without the hassle.


Hold effortless web meetings

Full-featured online collaboration, without the complicated menus and controls. Choose simple, secure web meetings.

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With integrated communication

Call.Group seamlessly integrates web, mobile app and telephone participants into the same conversation.

Meetings at your fingertips

Our advanced call scheduling tools are top-notch, but you don't have to pre-book each meeting. You can join on demand.

"Shall we jump on a call to clarify?
Here's my meeting link..."

Jam-packed with

The way we communicate is changing.
Call.Group gives you all the tools you need to collaborate and share.

Video calls

For more meaningful interactions.


So it's easier to explain.

Live chat

For quick messages and links.

Up the volume

Need people to see your work? No problem.

Open up business meetings and web conference calls to wide audiences.

Telephone participants

Web participants


Watching on YouTube

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